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"My neighborhood is very dark.

I get worried when taking out the trash or letting the kids check the mail. On top of that, it is very easy for someone to sneak around my property

go un-noticed."

"I paid a lot for my home & don't get to enjoy it after a long day of work. The front of my home looks abondoned & 

un-inviting, while my backyard feels bleak & lifeless."

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"I tried to light up my home like I saw on a DIY show & the Solar lights I bought where not very bright. They got water in them & died soon after. When I tried to exchange them, it was past 60 days & the store would not help me!"

A Safe Home

As a designer, safety is always on the top of my mind. A properly lit home

not only looks amazing, but it dramatically increases your security & safety

by eliminating tripping hazards or dark areas for criminals to hide. 

With the rise of car break in reports & porch pirate incidents here in Tulsa,

making sure a burglar doesn't feel safe sneaking around your home is a must. 

Don't forget about your furry friends! A well lit front & backyard helps to ward 

off wild animals, such as coyotes & foxes, that like to attack small pets

& even children.

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A Beautiful Home


As a Tulsa homeowner, we understand you work hard for your home & make every dollar count. You make sure the grass is cut, the siding is clean, & paint looks fresh. Your backyard landscaping is perfect & the grill is ready for summer nights.

Is all that time & money spent worth it, if you never see it? Don't come home after a long day of work to a lifeless home. When the kids get home from sports practice, let them enjoy the yard without being injured in the dark. If you have a pool or fire pit, it's especially important these areas are lit to keep everyone safe & too enjoy them all night long.

Here at Wishes Lighting, we use a range of professional-grade fixtures to ensure your home is as beautiful as a 5-star resort.


We choose fixtures that match your home & decor style. So, light up your grill & pool area, your garden & that water fountain you love. Don't forget pathways or the kids play-set & trampoline! Light up your home & enhance all the unique details you love! 

A Worthy

A professional lighting system can be pricey, but your return on investment will be well worth it.

Our lighting fixtures are professional grade with warranties from 5 to 20 years! We will continue to work with you & be your support for many years to come, ensuring your system is always running to peak performance. No more solar lights or cheap box store options that die in less than a year. No more arguing with box stores just to get a refund. 

Our fixtures are low-volt LEDs. Most homeowners don't see any increase on their electric bills. According to the Association of Home Builders, not only will this system add value to your home's worth, but many home buyers surveyed said a pro lighting system is a must! The value it adds to your home's cost is worth the investment alone.

Last but not least, let's not forget about the investment you are making to your mental health & family. That feeling you'll get when coming home from a long day of work & relax in your very own 5-star resort. That peace of mind knowing your home & family are safer now. The memories you'll make with family & friends in your personal backyard oasis. Now is the time, to invest in you. 

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Wishes Lighting & Decor

is proud to offer

Professional high end

Landscape Lighting. 

Enhance your home & outdoor living space.

Add Beauty & Value.

Protect your families safety

& your homes security.

Invest in your mental health. 

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