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Permanent Holiday Lighting

is here!

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Lasting 10 years or more with little to no maintenance.



Change the color and pattern any day, any season, for any reason!

1000s of possibilities!



Only visible when you turn them on. Clean and slim lighting blends into your homes trim.


There is a special feeling when you drive around town and see all the Christmas lights. Then January comes and the neighborhood feels so dark. But... What if it didn't have to be that way?

What if you could have custom lighting on your home for every holiday.

Christmas, July 4th, Halloween or Mardi Gras?

What if those lights could change colors for birthdays, sporting events or anniversaries

all from an app on your phone? 

Now they can!

We are proud to offer permanent RGB "holiday" lighting. For a 1 time cost, 1 time installation, lasting 10 year or more with little to no maintenance, you can have your lights up all year and change them when ever you want to. All from an easy to use app, you have millions of colors, static and animated effects to play with. 

They blend into your homes gutters and trim, so when you turn them off, they're basically invisible.

Plus with our extended maintenance plan, they will last a lifetime.

So what are you waiting for, get your Free, no obligation quote today!

Celebrate in style 
every season, all year long!

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